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Project: PokeMap
Link: http://www.transwalkers.com/pokemon/pokemap.htm


Idea: Some weeks ago, I see the web site of Data-Driven Documents, an amazing library for javascript that display many vizualisation layouts for hierachical data. I jump in the list of examples, and try some. Here, I present you what we can do with online shared data and a good visualization library.

Objectif: Display in cool way, the number of PoKeMoN for each type. ^_^

  • 1 step: Find the data. All the data of PoKeMoN are enable on the web in a deposit, and easily accessible through an API. See PokeAPI
  • 2 step: Format the data. D3.js include some functions to import data, and particularly one for json files. PokeAPI display json data, but I need some modifications to fit with my needs. So I make this script. I have some problems with the asynchronicity… For the moment I print my json string in the console.log and copy/past it in my json file… Sorry, I work on better way. Final json file : -here-
  • 3 step: Build the vizualization. Final step, adapt the example of D3 Treemap layout for my goal

Enjoy the Final Result !!

Thanks to PokeAPI and its authors
Thanks to Data-Driven Documents and its authors


septembre 18, 2013 dans Pro, Projects

Project: Transmitted Allele Search Engine
Lab: INSERM: Institut des Neurosciences de Montpellier (INM)
Supervisor: C.P.HAMEL
Link: http://www.transwalkers.com/TASE/


Problem: The team I’ve join work on rare hereditary diseases of the eye. Each patient have one unique mutation (two in recessive case), but there is about 200 genes that could cause close diseases. The challenge is to find which gene is mutated for each patient.

Solution: Medical doctors make clinical diagnosis of families and team perform SNP-chips on individuals. I’ve made a software that manage data, perform linkage analyses, and prioritize candidates regions.

More info soon…



juillet 6, 2009 dans Pro, Projects

Project: ScripTree Web Interface
Lab: Laboratoire d’Informatique, de Robotique et de Microélectronique de Montpellier (LIRMM)
Supervisor: F.CHEVENET
Link: http://www.transwalkers.com/scriptree/


Problem: Phylogenetic trees are usefull in history of evolution studies. For computation and manipulation, trees are store in a bracket separated format (newick). In addition of tree conformation, biologists deals with various annotations data and want to visualize it on leafs or eages. The team I’ve join develop a scripting language for automatically stack annotations (graphical or textual) on the tree. Scriptree take 3 text files (tree conformation, annotations and procedures) and output the final figure of the decorated tree. But user need some scripting skills to write the procedures.

Solution: My project was to design a userfirendly web interface for scriptree. This interface is based on graphical buttons and documented list of choices. that help biologists to understand what they can do and how.
I’ve also worked to add some functions in scriptree like node annotations, SVG output format and particular tree conformations.

More info soon…




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